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The Guildford River Retreat sits in a part of the world which is rich with wonderful wildlife - and the bird life we have here in Guildford is no exception.


Here is a bit about the birds you can expect to see at this time of year round our way…


Grey Teal

We’ve had Grey Teal ducklings at the bottom of our garden in recent weeks! These birds can be found pretty much anywhere there’s water - they’ve even been found at waterholes in the desert!


Crested Pigeon

Once restricted to arid and semi-arid zones of inland Australia, these birds can now be found in quite a few places around Australia, including the Guildford River Retreat!


Sacred Kingfisher

If you’re lucky you’ll see a blur of blue whooshing through the air, but these birds are hard to spot! Sacred Kingfishers actually rarely eat fish. Instead, they usually hunt insects but often throw in small animals, vertebrate and invertebrate, for good measure. This kind of food is mostly found on the ground, so the kingfisher swoops or pouncing down from a branch to grab its prey. Blink and you’ll miss it, but it’s a real thrill when your eye catches one.


Common Bronzewing

These guys can often be found tottering along bush tracks picking up fallen seeds. They love wattle tree seeds the most, but will also eat the seeds from a variety of shrubs.

It startles easily, and can be recognised by its “clatter” as it flies away.



We love a good pink and grey! These pretty birds are in plentiful supply in our garden and along the river.


If you’re interested in arranging a group booking at the Guildford River Retreat as part of a bird watching trip, we’d love to hear from you!

As a family living and working in Guildford, we wanted to share some of our very favourite local spots with you… and they’re all just a few minutes from Guildford River Retreat!

Guildford Milk Bar

199 James Street

Great coffee, well-priced food and friendly service. There’s always a buzz at the Milk Bar.

Jack and his team are always smiling and happy to see their customers.

Arlena’s General Store

106 Swan Street

A small convenience store which serves good coffee, delicious cakes (including gluten free options) with the and divine sandwiches! It also stocks a wide range of organic food and cosmetics.

Nothing is too much trouble for Arlene who is very devoted to making her clients feel welcomed and well fed.

Sitrling Square and St Matthew’s Church

Meadow Street

The town-site of Guildford was planned around this church square, which is in the exact centre of Guildford. Its plan was typical of English town planning for the period.

It’s a great open public space with huge gum trees, and St Matthew’s Church is lovely to look at. The church is also Western Australia’s only garrison church. Definitely something to check out when you’re visiting Guildford.

Guildford Hotel

159 James Street

Following a fire in 2008 in which the place was completely gutted, the iconic Guildford Hotel has been beautifully restored. It’s great for an evening drink or a quick bite to eat during the day.

Fishmarket Reserve

Meares Street

Nestled right at the end of our street, Fishmarket Reserve is a beautiful open space along the river . Our dogs love it! It’s also great for BBQs and picnics.

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